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Only the owner of the digital artwork can order signed prints of , and each owner can order a maximum of two prints.

Please make two transactions if you wish to order two artworks. The paper used is Mp Fine Art Cotton Rag 300 gsm, acid-free paper, 100% cotton.

Please proceed only if you are the NFT artwork holder.

Complete the fields below to get a full pricing for your print and to place your order.

Payment can only be made in crypto, and is made using USDC on Coinbase Commerce. Pricing includes international postage.

If you are anonymous, feel free to arrange delivery to a friend friend or collection service address and enter a pseudonym in the Name field.

Please enter the full wallet address (not ENS) where the artwork is held at the time of payment, and make sure to SEND FUNDS FOR YOUR ORDER FROM THE SAME ADDRESS.

Using BASE to save on fees will still track to this same address, so this is fine to use.

PLEASE NOTE if the wallets don't match or the correct artwork was not in the wallet used to pay for your order, you will be sold instead a publicly-available 10/10 edition print from the collection, of smaller size as per the pricing for editions.

By clicking "Order Now" you signify that you understand and accept the above terms of sale. Thank you!

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